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Jan 23, 2010 6:00am EST
in the united states, nearly 9,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer. beating the disease will take its toll on the family. >>> one baltimore county organization is hoping to solve an overlooked problem that arises during treatment. >> love you. by sweetie. >> -- bye, sweetie. >> bye. >> reporter: emily is shy and not used to being the center of attention. >> happy now. >> reporter: consider this. >> i get needles and stay in the hospital. >> reporter: at age five she found out. >> she had acutelymoblastomic. >> she wanted to be here instead of going to school. >> we rarely took her out. if we did, she 4 to wear a mask, she was bald, and she didn't feel well. >> reporter: she's now in long- term remission. her parents would have loved a place to keep up with school expectations. i was. >> so worried about when i would get my grades. >> reporter: and a place where she could have felt normal. i was. >> scared. >> we want to give them the opportunity to continue their childhood. >> reporter: enter the cool kids campaign. >> they deserve to have a place they can call their own and not feel
Jan 10, 2010 8:00am EST
in the united states. >> but this family from finland says they will keep flying and trust that security is doing their job. >> we have to live our lives. >> reporter: he says if not, then the terrorists have won. >> karen brown, cbs news, newark, new jersey. >> friends of the suspect say he's a good person and meant no harm at the airport. >>> here in maryland, police are trying to track down a man potion as a fire inspector. police are warning business owners, the man pretended to be a fire official in order to get inside then steal property. police say the man has already gained full access to at least six businesses in the area, carrying a flashlight and a belt pouch to look convincing. if someone claims to be any official and wants access to your home or business, remember to ask for a badge. >>> governor martin o'malley is calling for tougher sex laws against child sex offenders. the recent abduction and murder of a little girl on the eastern shore has lawmakers asking how it could have been prevented. susan collins explains, the general assembly begins this week. the issue is high
Jan 16, 2010 6:00am EST
minister has granted temporary control of the country's main airport to the united states in hopes of speeding up the relieve work. >> everybody is crying and people dying. >> reporter: but time is running short, haitian officials say about 50,000 dead bodies have already been recovered and they fear the death toll from the massive earthquake could climb as high as 200,000. >> rob morrison near the haitian border, wjz eyewitness news. >>> and a large part of the humanitarian effort will be carried out by the usns comfort docked here in baltimore. wjz is live in canton, mike schuh continues our complete coverage as the ship prepares to set off for haiti. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, they're buttoning up the hatches and making the final preparations to set sail. the orders are cut for 9:00 this morning, departure looks like they'll be leaving ahead of time on their mission of mercy to haiti. as the sunset, the pace picked up as all the components to put a hospital ship to sea came together. tons of food and medical supplies hauled up. 550 sailors, doctors, nurses an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3